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New Place pottery is a newly established studio run by us - Tony and Tracy. Our love of ceramics has blossomed over the years we have been together alongside our relationship and our shared love of nature.

We each have our own distinct artistic styles inspired by intimate contact with the natural world around us, whether observed on local walks in the Surrey countryside with our 2 dogs or through our other shared passion for scuba diving. We see incredible textures and forms everywhere and delight in the immediacy of getting our hands  in the clay to directly communicate this beauty in our ceramics, both through more figurative sculpture or decorative design.


We are further inspired by the work of incredible potters such as the Martin Brothers and Bernard Pallisy whose work informs our own. We use techniques such as Sgraffito, incising and slip painting, plaster casts, and direct modelling by hand before bisque firing followed by oxide and glaze combinations.


We hope very much that our pottery successfully conveys something of the wonder of the nature which surrounds us and enables you to bring a little of that into your home.



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